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See the Sacred Eveyrwhere..

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The Magical Cycle of Seasons

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beauty everywhere..

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chive Power : Magic and Beauty of Chive Path

The Magic and Beauty of
Chive Power

Walk with me along Chives little
chive path...small but beautiful!
I know deep beneath the snow..these beautiful Pearls are coming to life..
and soon in the Spring..they will awaken and greet me...

What are you dreaming of this Spring??
I am dreaming of Chive Magic!

So Fairy-esque..

A sleepy Greenman
Dreams of Starry Pink Flowers..

The bees visit these pink pillows
and bounce from blossom to blossom
like poems in the sun..

Chives Pathway..has a special place
 in my heart each Spring...
Do you have  a special plant?

Chives are magical
There are various kinds..

Their scent is powerful
I love the scent of them...not everyone does!
Roses and Chives
Plant near Roses to enhance scent of!
POWERFUL ally for roses..
and also helps deter aphids
Some bugs hate the smell of garlic/ onion /chives...
So it is very good to have in various parts of the garden...
it helps get rid of bugs..they seem to move on to somewhere else!

You can even create homemade bug spray  for the garden...
made from chives and simply spray!
very smelly!

Chive Blossoms are beautiful and magical..
you may catch a glimpse of  a faery or two  sitting atop them
if you open your magical heart!

Chive Blossoms can be eaten...
As a child I ate flowers all the I am still alive?..we are not sure!
Luckily Chive Blossoms are edible and safe!
They look so pretty in a salad..or upon a plate..
Like jewels
Perfect for  summer garden party!

From Dusty Pink to Purple hues
These Blooms are so gorgeous..I simply love to gaze  at them
Spherical in shape..another power symbol to add to the garden!
They are like magical wands...adorning tall green spires!

Chives are wonderful eaten with any meal
or used as garnish
or even in an oil or vinegrette

In the garden..they are Pure Poetry

My Favorite Greenman
 (whom you have met before.)..
holds the space well and protects them

Magic Symbolism
Chives  represent and embody COURAGE
They invoke a sense of Courage if needed
 and also represent Protection
Plant  some chives to invoke Courage
and add  and increase
Protection to your space
and to protect your garden and give it strength

Chive Meditation: To Invoke Courage
Take a piece of chive or a blossom
and smell to meditate on courage..
inhale and breathe peacefully
 invoking that power
within your self and draw it out.
Feel the spirit of confidence and courage growing..
It is already there...
chive magic simply helps bring it to life.

Flowering Chives are easy to grow...
they come up each is a treat to see!

A wondeful ally in the garden
and wonderful companion to the kitchen

Use fresh chives chopped up in salads, sandwiches
Herbed butters and spreads
Anything really.


Although the flowers soon leave...
the chives will last
aaaall summer long..
and that's Forever
in garden-time!

What are your favorite ways to use chives?
and chive blossoms?
have you fallen in love wth them yet?
Any kindreds out I alone in this?

Thankyou for joining me today
 and listening to my Chive Romance..

Hope you enjoyed this spotlight on the
Magic and Beauty of Chives

awake with charm and spirit
All Photography and content
Victoria Pettella
I am also joining the Beautiful
Fishtail Cottage
for a Garden Party
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Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

oh victoria our chives are still doing really well as we are in the tail end of sweet summer...i will have to try the flowers now...a sparkly day to you, dzintra

Christine said...

I'm just starting to plant veg & herbs and you have inspired me to add Chives to the top of my "must have" list. For many reasons ...

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Yay..enjoy your wonderful for you!!I bet they look dazzling and beautiful!
Shine on!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Hi Christine..yay!! thanks for your lovely happy to hear you will plant some..hope they add much magic to your wonderful space..enjoy!!

The Garden Ms. S said...

I love them - so cheerful!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love your writing:

"and bounce from blossom to blossom
like poems in the sun.."

wow :)

Cameron said...

Beautiful usual, my Dear! I love chives sprinkled over a bagel topped with cream cheese and thin sliced cucumbers!

Especially good in eggs scrambled with wild mushrooms and fresh grated parmesan cheese...yum!

Your photo on the sidebar is lovely! You are quite the looker..haha!

Laurie said...

Lovely chive flowers. A favorite is to sprinkle chopped chives on fresh pea soup.

debsgarden said...

I am a great fan of chives! I enjoy them in salads, as well as in various vegetable dishes. Can't have mashed potatoes without them! I didn't realize they repelled aphids. I have several rose bushes planted near my chives, and now that I think about it, those roses are never bothered by aphids!

Desiree said...

Your ability to take the ordinary and present it as extraordinary is a remarkable gift! As always, a visit to your superb blog inspires, uplifts, fills one with gratitude and appreciation of the magnificent sights, sounds and smells surrounding us in everyday life. Thank you, Victoria!

Carousel Dreams said...

Delicious post Kiki...the magic of chives! As for me, I adore them sprinkled on my potato and leek soup - yum! I didn't know all of those other interesting facts though! When my friends and I were young, we were quite obsessed with Enid Blyton's Faraway Tree, so we used to eat the sap from trees at school - silly, aren't we?

Teresa O said...

Ohhh how wonderful easy to grow, easy to use, easy to love chives are. I used them as borders in my herb garden in my gardens of past. There's nothing in the kitchen quite as pink and pretty as a bottle of chive vinegar.

Wonderful, inspiring post all about the magic of chives.

Kiki aka Victoria said...

yay Thankyou! you are all so lovely!

The Garden Ms
Yay..happy you enjoyed it..thanks for such a lovely compliment!

yay Cameron..thanks so much.and aww you are too sweet!
yum that soudsn fabulous and super deliscious..thanks for sharing your ideas! yum!

Ooh Yum..that sounds gorgeous Laurie...!

Yay..happy you are a fan too..ooh that sounds awesome on mash..lovely..thanks so much deb! How cool about your roses..yaya!

AW..hugs Desiree..what an absolutely beautiful thing to say..thanks for such generous added a sparkle to my day..thanks for adding your magic here! Can't wait to see what you are up to lately in your paradise garden!

Carousel dreams
Tina...yay..thanks so much for your lovely words as always..! Oh how Cool..I would have loved hanging out with are awesome!!
Thans for the smiles Tina!

Teresa O
yay Glad you are a chive kindred too! Wow..that chive border sounds so lovely..gorgeous!
yum...I agree..perfect!
thans for your lovely words!

Alina said...

Only you could make such a poetic post on Chives :0) I love them in my garden, they were a gift from a neighbor who was "bored of them" Would you believe it? I love how they sway with the summer breeze and they are a favorite with cream cheese :) Being purple they hold an even more special place in my heart. Thank you dear one for sharing your talent and magic. LOVE the new look! Hugs and wishes for a wonderful weekend XO

sweetbay said...

Those chives looks especially magical in that planter! The striped lavender blossoms are lovely.

Andrea said...

Hello Kiki, i've not been here for awhile, and it's invigorating to even just see your chives. However, we dont have it flowering here in the tropics. Even onions dont flower here.

Rowan said...

I like chives too and you remind me that mine need splitting and spreading around near my roses. These are lovely photos and I love the face of your Green Man.

Regina said...

Beautiful blooms my friend.
Have a great weekend.

Ever Green Tree said...

I Beautiful,Dainty
Fragrant..n So Fairy-esque. Lovely blooms... Roses n Chives!

Diane said...

I've always loved chive flowers. Who would have known...they help enhance the scent of roses! If my rugosas could be even MORE fragrant? Hmmm....maybe I'll have to plant some chives at the base of them.
Hugs, Diane

Annabelle said...

"The bees visit these pink pillows
and bounce from blossom to blossom
like poems in the sun.."

Adore your description of them and yes they too make a home in my garden beside the roses for so many reasons.

Gorgeous post!
Annabelle >A_A<

Annabelle said...

Oh, I forgot...your morning glory window in your garden charm video is something I've been trying to do in my garden for sometime now , I have a picture in my scrap book of a leaded glass window with them encircling it and I was so surprised to see you have the same gorgeous living romantic Kiki and I too have the prince frog. We certainly share in so many similar tastes.Enjoyed my visit here.

Annabelle >A_A<

Lori Saul said...

Oh this blog is like a gorgeous stroll through the garden and what wonderful photos- I feel like I am there. Chives are so pretty and useful-love them in my cooking and they add a bit of magic to the garden! All of your blogs are so refreshing and new- love what you havedone Kiki!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Yay Thanks everyone for your fabulous comments and sharings!

Thanks for your beautiful words Alina! sounds deliscious. I love the color is enchanting!How intersting your neighbour was bored of them..lucky you got them yay! Thanks for adding your magic here and sharing!

Thanks so much sweetbay..i so appreciate your visit and lovely words!

Hi Andre..thanks for visiting..thanks so much for your lovely words! oh onion flowers where you are? How interesting! I will be sure to visit you..have a wonderful day!

Hi are a chive kindred too! Sounds like you have lots fo them to enjoy..! Thanks for your sweet words!

Hi Regina..yay thanks so much for visiting andf your lovely words!

Yay..happy you love them too! yes..isnt it wonderful they are like superheroes with powers for our roses..I plant them all all over! enjoy! have a great day!

Ever Green Tree
yay..thankyou so much for your loevly words!

Yay..Hi Annabelle..lovely ! I am happy you enjoyed the post! yay so cool you watched that little vid..yes i love morning glory's cannot live without them...I look forward to seeing yours too..yay! yes we are kindreds on many levels..and garden kindreds too now! thanks for your wonderful words!

Lori Saul
HI are so sweet and awesome.. have add many sparkle to my day!

auto parts warehouse coupon code said...

Roses and Chives are plant near Roses to enhance scent of roses. The flower smell is good to like by heart and fresh the person. It is blossom bounce like to Pink Pillows, Fragrant, Beautiful Dainty.

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

We look for the chives at my Mom's to raise our spirits! So green. So savored. This was beautiful, friend. Thanks dear dear one. Blessings.

Coco Coterie said...

What a sweet morning walk through your magical, inspiring garden. We have frost here, but for the sturdy, it does not deter. Have a wondeful day ~ xox Alexandra

Anja said...

I could nearly smell its scent, it is so fresh. So little and so wonderful, I touched them in my thoughts while going through your pictures. And just now I need a little bit courage in my life, I will imagine them in my mind in that moment I need the courage, that will help. Arn't we not linked always so just now comes your post in the right moment! Thanks a lot dear Kiki! Anja

Autumn Belle said...

I love chives. I have never seen the flowers before. They are so beautiful with such a sweet purple colour.

Bohemian said...

Oh Victoria your Blogs are wonderful and this one is full of so much information... I love Chives.

Thanks for paying me a visit and, yes, wouldn't it be wonderful to get a group of like minded Souls from The Land Of Blog together on a Shopping Spree to all the best places across the Country... or even the World!!??? *winks*

Dawn... The Bohemian

Marie said...

How beautiful!!! I love the chives next to the magic man. I think you've inspire me to start planting chives coz I just love their flowers.

Saying "hello" from another Cottage Flora participant.

Fishtail Cottage said...

You make the chives so beautiful - i have them popping up all over a certain part of my yard & when i dig in that area - my whole yard smells like onions....ha ha. But i agree the bloom is so whimsy & pretty! Thanks so much for coming over and linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday's & thank you for sharing the link with all your visiting friends! - i hope to see you again next week? xoxo

Icy BC said...

I love chive flowers! These photos are just fantastic, Victoria!

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